The Lumberjacks Golf Club was established in San Diego, CA in February of 2013 as a means to bring people in the hospitality industry together through the game of golf. Since the original 16 members, we grew to 87 members and have enjoyed over 100 events. We host one tournament a month often with practice rounds the week prior, as well as hosting a couple other events throughout the year like a Ryder Cup style event and the Big $kins Game.

Players of any and all skill levels are welcome to join. We have multiple flights for our club that divide the group up accordingly for skill level: anyone is welcome!

Membership is ~$80 and includes:

  • SCGA Membership
  • GHIN Handicap Number
  • Membership Gist (tbd, usually a shirt)
  • Monthly Tournaments
  • Multiple Flights
  • Misc. Events
  • Tons of Fun

Contact Commissioner Alex Fernandez for more info by filling out the form below and get on the email list.